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Souvenir Items and Bottles from Our Museum in Chinon

Keychains, magnets, postcards, vintage wine bottles, souvenir euro bills, stickers... in Indre-et-Loire at CHIMOMU 

Step through the doors of CHIMOMU in Chinon and discover a wide selection of products to complete your motorcycle-related collection.

We offer keychains, stickers, metal cards, souvenir euro bills... as well as excellent vintages of Chinon wines, in red, rosé, and white, featuring the four colors of CHIMOMU (blue for Yamaha, yellow for Suzuki, green for Kawasaki, and red for Honda). 

Our Souvenir Items and Bottles

Show off your love for two-wheelers with our stylish keychains to adorn the key of your finest machine, and with our square or rectangular magnets ready to join your fridge !

Proudly display your allegiance to the Youngtimer motorcycle culture and capture the very essence of the iconic motorcycles from our collection by placing our stickers on your fork head, mudguard, or windshield!
Also send a bit of history to your loved ones with our artistic metal postcards.

For alcohol enthusiasts, dive into tasting Chinon wines, with our selection of excellent bottles of red, white, or rosé, from the best cellars of the renowned appellation.

Also enhance your home or office with our posters featuring the design facade of CHIMOMU and its four colors (blue for Yamaha, yellow for Suzuki, green for Kawasaki, and red for Honda).

If you are looking for a collector's souvenir, our limited-edition souvenir euro bill is a very exclusive tribute to the unforgettable experience you will have at the museum.

Contact us for more information about the souvenir objects and bottles and the exclusive motorcycles of our Museum.